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Innovative Concepts & Change
ICC President 

Myron Clack
Innovative Concepts & Change | President 
Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International

Myron Clack has 25 years of experience as an organization development practitioner, consulting with employers and organizations on how to improve their workplace culture by focusing in the following areas: 


  • Leadership development; to include issues regarding supervisory and management training
  • Workplace culture with attention to change management resolution and strategy
  • Facilitation and training specifically in the areas of effective communications and team building
  • Strategically Aligning the workforce
  • Fitting the Person to the Job

Myron's skill set includes analytical thinking, change management, leadership development, life skills and career coaching.  Mr. Clack received his M.A. Degree in Human Resources (Organizational Development) from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.  Mr. Clack recently received certification from Profiles International as a Certified User and Trainer in the following products:  CheckPoint 360, ProfileXT, Profiles Sales Assessment, and Profiles Managerial Fit. 

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